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Raining Money On Del Prado

Did you hear about it raining hundred dollar bills on Del Prado Blvd in Cape Coral? I went down there to see if I could find at least a couple bills…

Looked around trees… Nothing. Looked under signs… nothing. I even looked in the bushes… and nothing. I didn’t find one single hundred dollar bill. I was hoping the Cape Coral Police had left at least one bill behind– but after a driver hit a bag filled with hundred dollar bills– Cape Coral Police was there making sure to pick up every single hundred dollar bill.

How much was it?… No idea… Who’s money is it?… No idea. The cape coral police haven’t said how much money it was or who the money belongs to. One thing we do know is that they did not leave a single hundred dollar bill on Del Prado Boulevard.

But if you’re missing thousands of hundred dollar bills… Let us know.