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Rain storms and standing water bring more mosquitoes

With the rain comes unwanted guests.

“With any kind of moisture accumulation there’s gonna be mosquitoes that want to breed in standing water,” John Goll with Pestmax said.

Goll said Lee County has one of the biggest budgets for mosquito control.

“Lee County is one of the best at mosquito control,” Goll said. “We do a pretty good job.”

While the county might have a good handle on the pests, here are some tips for dealing with mosquitoes:

  • Survey your yard. Loose items can collect water and bad drainage could cause some issues.
  • Be careful when using pesticides. Goll suggests using a repellent in your hard. Using pesticides all over plants can cause damage to important insects like bees who pollinate.
  • Consult an expert before using pesticides around your own home.