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Radio remote controlled boats on Six Mile Cypress

I can’t be the only one that has seen the RC – or radio controlled – boats racing on a lake on Six Mile Cypress. I remember seeing them while passing by the small lake many times while on my way to the Walmart on 41.

It was a Sunday, I was on my way to breakfast when I saw the boats once again on that same lake. I decided to finally stop by to figure out what’s happening there. It was fascinating. There were about 15 people with their decked-out RC boats, laughing and racing in what looks to be a unique type of Sunday funday.

They weren’t little toys – these were RC boats that went up to 80 mph on a small lake. The racers are part of an association called North American Model Boat Association , which covers them with about $5 million dollars worth of insurance. Anybody can join them at the lake – but in order to race, people need to be part of the association – which is an easy process racers are happy help with.

You can check them out on Six Mile Cypress, next to the sheriff’s office by 41.
Trust me, they have many stories to tell. What a fun Sunday.”