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Protestors gather around controversial Robert E. Lee bust

The Lee County NAACP gathered in Downtown Fort Myers Tuesday morning to again protest in support of the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue on Monroe Street. The bust has been the center of a lot of controversy recently — with groups on both sides of the debate.

“Putting them in a public space without any placard or any mention whatsoever as to the history is simply a dishonor and whitewash of history,” one protestor named Elizabeth said.

The United Daughters of the Confederacy donated the bust to the City of Fort Myers in 1966 in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement.

The NAACP feels that the monument is a symbol of hate.

Some of the people at the protest moved to the commission meeting at the old county courthouse — the location of an old Robert E. Lee portrait that some protestors also want to see removed.

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