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Proposed Ban on Lawn Parking in Cape Coral Tabled

2:00 PM, Nov 30, 2018


Gabriel Castaneda

Parking on the grass seems to be a problem for some people in Cape Coral. Some people aren’t a fan of it. There was even talk about banning lawn parking at the Cape Coral City Council meeting on Monday.

People say it would make neighborhoods look nicer while others say people can do what they want with their own property.

Proposed Ban on Lawn Parking in Cape Coral Tabled

Right now you’re allowed to park your car on the grass anywhere in the City of Cape Coral as long as the car is properly registered and it works.

But some people say having cars parked any kind of way on the yard can hurt the value of homes in the area.

As many people know, a lot of the residential streets in Cape Coral don’t have sidewalks. You can see this by just driving around in any neighborhood in the Cape.

We talked with the City of Cape Coral who said you can’t park a car on the road because you would obviously be blocking traffic. So if your driveway is too crowded because you have a large family or you have guests over, where are you supposed to park the extra cars?

According to Rich Carr from the City of Cape Coral code division, you can park your car off the road adjacent to the roadway in the correct direction of traffic.

So if the Cape Coral City Council did decide to ban parking on the grass you’d still be able to get away with parking on your lawn. Just not any direction.

If you think that paving your lawn would solve the no parking on the lawn won't. It's not allowed.

For now, the proposed ban on parking on the lawn in Cape Coral is tabled.