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Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane from the Outside

With hurricane season upon us, store shelves are about to be cleared of water, canned foods, and flashlights. All of which are basic essentials that will keep Southwest Florida residents sustained inside their homes.

But there are steps that people should take to protect themselves from the outside.

Whether you live in a townhouse, condo, or an apartment, you should bring loose items like patio furniture, garden hoses, and grills inside, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA .

But there are different precautions for homeowners and renters should take when preparing for a hurricane.


FEMA advises homeowners to trim their trees, and completely remove any dead trees.

Also, owners should check for loose roof shingles or gutters and tighten them before a hurricane comes along.


If you’re a renter, now would be a good time to check if your lease covers any hurricane arrangements.

Florida law does not require landlords to establish preventative measures for hurricanes.

Renters should have a talk with the property manager to find out if the property’s windows are storm safe and if they provide storm shutters.

Florida law does allow for a lease to be terminated if the home is proven to be unlivable.

But again, renters should check the lease because landlords can include sections that allow them to keep security deposits in the event of a natural disaster.

Additional reporting by Gabriela Milian