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Possible tropical storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico

Hurricane season doesn’t officially start until June 1 — but Southwest Florida is already watching for a tropical storm brewing in the Gulf.

As of Monday morning, the National Hurricane Center said there is a 30 percent chance of a cyclone formation in the next 48 hours in the Gulf of Mexico.

“If you remember last year, I believe we had Emily that formed very early in the season,” National Weather Service meteorologist Stephen Shiveley said. “Normally August and September is really when the season starts cranking for us and we start seeing the possibility of really seeing those stronger hurricanes coming at us.”

The formation chances through the next five days are 40 percent.

Whether or not the cyclone forms, the system will enhance rainfall across portions of Florida and the northeastern Gulf Coast.

“We know in general we might see a more active season but it ends up not happening a few months in advance it’s really hard to forecast those things,” Shiveley said. He said it’s hard to make hurricane season predictions, especially this early on.

The National Hurricane Center has a list of items you should have for a basic disaster supplies kit, including water, food flashlights, extra batteries, and more. You can read the full list on their website .