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Porch Pirates

What security cameras work and which are easy to install

Package thefts are still a problem, not just around the holidays.

We’ve had a couple of instances in southwest Florida lately and that had us asking some questions about the videos AND home cameras.

Do they help prevent the crime? Will they help catch a criminal?

“Maybe you can find the person get a description of the person because a lot of times if your packages was missing and you didn’t even see that person go off with it now you don’t even have a description of someone, you don’t know when it was taken. You didn’t even know in some case you were even getting a package,” Miriam Dotson, LCSO.

We went to Lowe’s in Fort Myers to ask what are the best types of cameras and which are easiest to install.

“The ring is very simple. Basically like you’re hooking up the wires to a regular doorbell, a wired doorbell. Or this bigger one down here. Just has basically HDMI cables on it. Plugs in and it just hooks up to your monitor,” Michael Shrock, Lowe’s Custmer Service Associate.

The Ring Doorbell cam might be one of the easiest to install and starts at $99.

The Swann four camera set is selling at $250 but allows for you to record if no one rings the door bell.

If that’s still too much we found plenty of other cameras online –  some of them for less than 70 bucks.

Remember to ask how you have to hook them up and whether you can do it or whether you might need help.

It might be as easy as finding and checking out a video online.

No matter what your budget, chances are you can find something that works and will make your home safer.