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Phone Scams in SWFL

If you’re using a phone this day and age, you’ve probably gotten a scam call at least once. You know the ones. Someone calls your phone and you hear that you qualify for a free or low cost travel vacation, or a too good to be true credit card loan.

The days of the Nigerian ‘prince’ e-mailing scams are slowing down. Now, scammers are calling in the name of an organization asking for donations from city residents.

We heard about some scams happening in LaBelle. A person called from a Florida number asking for donations for the ‘American Firefighters Association’. Offering three different donation packages, they then ask you to provide your personal information.

We did a quick Google search and the ‘American Firefighters Association’ didn’t turn up anything. There wasn’t a page on Charity Navigator either.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is saying that scams like these affect thousands of people . If you get a call like this, hang up and report it to the Federal Trade Commission .

How much information you give to scammers is up to you, so guard yourself.

Signs It’s a Scam
“You’ve been specially selected (for this offer)”
You’ve won money in a foreign lottery
Someone is asking you to make up your mind right away
Extremely low interests on credit cards and loans
Urgent request for donations for a ‘charitable’ cause

What You Can Do To Protect Yourself
Keep your credit cards, bank account numbers and Social Security numbers to yourself.
Check out a charity before you give.
Place Yourself on the National Do Not Call Registry. Sign up at ( It’s free!
Download apps like Mr. Number from your mobile app store. It identifies if a number has been recorded as a scammer.

Have you been receiving calls like this? What do you do to keep yourself safe