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People in Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres Voice Concerns Over Electricity Bill Costs

2:42 PM, Oct 16, 2018


Chloe Nordquist

You probably don’t like paying bills. And your electric bill usually varies…somewhat.

Community members took to Facebook this week to complain about their September electric bills from the Lee County Electric Cooperative.

People in Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres Voice Concerns Over Electricity Bill Costs

They were saying how prices jumped between $40 and $60 more than usual. For some, their bill went down or stayed the same.

Others on Facebook were claiming it’s because LCEC installed a new system. Well, HelloSWFL went to the source to find out that’s not the reason.

“We have installed some new systems, however, our automated meter reading system remains the same as it has for several years,” Karen Ryan with LCEC said.

That automated system determines how much your bill will be. We also reached out to Florida Power and Light about any reports of jumps or dips, but haven’t heard back. Remember, September was a hot month. And fro those under LCEC, keeping your house below 78 degrees makes your electric bill go up.

“If you put your thermostat for your air conditioner below 78 degrees, it raises your cooling costs by 8 percent for every degree below 78,” Ryan said. “So customers that set their thermostat at 74 degrees, they’re going to see a higher electricity bill.”

Your bill also might be higher depending on how many days you were billed for.

“So bills can range anywhere from 28 days to 35 days, naturally, a bill for 28 days is going to be lower than a bill for 35 days,” Ryan said. “If you pick any month out of the year, you will see some customers bills who’ve increased and some customers bills who’ve decreased. It really depends on their usage habits.”


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