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People in Cape Coral Concerned About Safety, Health With Algae Blooms

Blue-green algae.

Take a stroll through Cape Coral right now, and you’ll probably see chunks of it in the canals.

It’s so bad, some of the people who live there are having health issues.

“I know within the last two weeks since the water has changed, my breathing has changed,” Angela Hempker, a Cape Coral resident, said.

Algae blooms have been popping up around Cape Coral over the past week. The gunk came down the Caloosahatchee River from Lake Okeechobee.

Most everyone we spoked to on Monday had noticed it.

It’s more than just a foul smell. It’s causing health issues. People can’t swim in it or fish in the algae-ridden waters.

“I’ve had a lot of upper respiratory infections the last two weeks here,” Hempker said. “The water’s been bad. I’m asthmatic and it’s just made it worse. I haven’t been feeling well, I have a fever today. I have no idea why I would be sick because I haven’t done anything.”

She’s moving out of Cape Coral to Fort Myers, even though she moved there less than a year ago.

“I have little kids, I can’t have them exposed to this,” Hamper aid. “I will not drink the water, we will not get in the water at this point. Even the pool water, the quality is very low.”

If you see blue-green algae you can report it by going to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s website under ‘Algal Bloom Monitoring and Response’.

“Cape Coral is a beautiful town — I love it here,” Hempker said. “But with the water conditions, I just can’t live here anymore.”

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