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Pacific Tomato Growers Housing Complex

The city of LaBelle near Cowboy Way was looking at having 466 new neighbors.They were going to be migrant workers working for Pacific Tomato Growers. They weren’t feeling it.

Citizens took their concerns to a public hearing. Some issues included safety and traffic. The workers would be single males, and with multiple children getting off bus stops, some feared those male’s intentions.

“With workers coming in seasonly, that means we will get a new neighbor every 3 to 6 months,” said one resident, Ramon S. Rodriguez.

Also, LaBelle is a very agricultural town. Some believed it couldn’t handle the vast amount of new workers.

During the public hearing, officials took the side of the citizens. They voted 5 to 0 to not push forward on the Pacific Tomato Growers housing complex.

A week later, Pacific Tomato Growers emailed the city to withdraw their application.

So it seems like LaBelle will not get 400 new neighbors. What do you think about it?