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Opioid Prescriptions Shortened to Three-Day Supply Under New Law

“Probably the most significant change will be that every doctor and every pharmacists must check the prescription monitoring database before writing a prescription and or dispensing the medication,” pharmacist Karl Deigert said.

The laws around painkillers have changed so you can get fewer pain pills at one time.

For some of the stronger pills, you can only get a three-day supply at a time.

Why? The state wants to help fight opioid addictions.

“We can identify patients who have developed perhaps abhorrent behavior that are seeing multiple doctors, receiving excessive quantities and that are visiting multiple pharmacies,” Deigert said.

In 2016, the Department of Health and Human Services said close to half of opioid overdoses involved a prescription drug.

“It’s not denying access its just limiting the quantity of medication for the first few days”

Deigert is an an advocate for with people living with chronic illnesses. He says an estimated one third of American suffers some form of chronic pain.

“If the physician feels that it needs to be more than 3 days thEn he can write for seven days,” he said.

That’s only if your doctor thinks it’s medically necessary,  you’ll also need the proper documentation.

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Reporting by Brittany Muller