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Online Map to Help You Dodge Red Tide

4:30 PM, Oct 08, 2018

It's been almost one year since red tide washed up on Southwest Florida's coastlines.

Surprisingly enough, this isn't the longest red tide algae bloom to date. In 2006, the red tide lasted for nearly 17 months .

Tracking Red Tide

Florida Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation Commission said red tides were documented in Florida's Gulf coast in the 1840s .

To keep people aware of where red tide is, the FWC updates its red tide maps every Wednesday. As of Oct. 5, FWC said it will start updating its red tide map every day at 5pm.

People will be able to learn more about how red tide is effecting the beaches on the new interactive map , including the type of samples that were taken.

If you can't access the website, feel free to call FWC directly. They will be able to give you an update on the severity of red tide in your area. The number is 866-300-9399.

You can also subscribe to FWC emails to get red tide updates regularly.


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