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Oil Stained Roads

Joern Hannecke lives in Cape Coral and began to notice strange stains on the road last week.

“The garbage trucks are losing oil,” he said. “There’s like a straight line of drops all around the area.”

Hannecke posted his problem to Facebook. He said he believed it was the Waste Pro garbage trucks leaving the stains, and had seen the drops on surrounding streets, too.

The Cape Coral Public Works Department said the clean up responsibility depends on if it’s a county or city road. For small spills like this, you can fine a complaint to whoever is responsible. In this case, that would be Waste Pro.

Division manager at Waste Pro said when they receive complaints — from residents or garbage truck drivers — they fix any problems as best they can. When we called, they had not received a report for that area, but they went to check it out anyways.

A few days after we talked to Hannecke, he reached out to us and let us know Waste Pro had cleaned up the streets.

If you find oil stains on your streets and have an idea of where it might be coming from, now you know how to get that fixed.