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Ninos Houma

Growing up with a passion for astronomy, Ninos always wanted to explore other planets in the universe hoping to come across an intelligent race that can answer all the questions he has, like why 42? And how can I go back to the 90’s? But since he never became an astronaut (claims our technology is just not there yet) he went into a career in his next favorite hobby, visual effects in movies! He was always more excited to watch the behind the scenes of a movie than the movie itself, one of his favorite shows growing up was Discovery channel’s Movie Magic, a show that would take the viewer behind the scenes of Hollywood’s biggest movies to show how the special effects team were able to create visuals like alien worlds, medieval cities, or robots sent back in time from the future to kill the mother of the resistance leader whose father was a soldier who was sent back by him to protect his mother from the robot that was out to kill her but than had a son with her who grew up to be the man who sent him there in the first place…. wait.. what? Studying the show, he self taught how to create miniature sets, matte paintings, and stop motion puppetry to create special effects for his own home movies. later in life he graduated with a B.A in visual effects and motion graphics and went on to work on many projects for brands like National Geographic, ESPN, Samsung, BMW, and Jeep to name a few. He recently moved down from Chicago to SWFL to join the team.