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New Traffic Light Alert: El Jobean Road and Riverwood Drive in Port Charlotte

There is a new set of traffic lights at the intersection of El Jobean Road and Riverwood Drive in Port Charlotte.

After several accidents in front of the entryway to the Riverwood Community, homeowners asked the county to install traffic lights. Unfortunately, their request was denied.

Community leaders decided to pool their money together and raise $500,000 to have the traffic lights installed.

What’s the process to get a traffic light installed?

We reached out Port Charlotte County to find out the ins and outs of requesting a traffic light.

Tracy Doherty, the Public Relations Manager at Charlotte County Public Works, informed us with the following:

– Requests to install traffic lights is sent directly to the Florida Department of Transportation.

– If the request is a County Road, it will go to the County Transportation Division, which will then gather data to see if the request meets the signal installation requirements criteria, also called traffic signal warrants.

  • If the location does not meet the criteria, the request will be denied. Which is what happed with Riverwood.

Riverwood Community foots the bill

The cost of a traffic light ranges between $250,000 to $500,000.

The Riverwood Community did the math and placed an assessment on approximately 1300 homes. It worked out to each homeowner shelling out $450.

The traffic lights comes equipped with cameras, crossing signals and sense of safety.