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New Laws in Florida: Beach Access, Anti-Bullying, and More

On July 1, new laws will go into effect in Florida.

Here are a couple to be aware of.

First, beach access could change on Sunday. The new law is supposed to keep you from hanging around private beach property. The confusing part is that you sometimes have to go through a “private” beach area to get to a “public” beach area.

Any land from the high tide line towards the sea is public. No one can buy off that area. But the line towards the sand could be public or private. The new law is supposed to still allow the public to get to the public area pas the high tide line.

Local law enforcement will have to deal with private complaints on a case by case basis.

Second, a new Florida law will provide another way to help bullied students.

The Hope Scholarship Program will allow a child being bulled to get a voucher to attend a different school (including schools outside their bussing area) or private school through the fund. If the bully continues to bully other kids, their parents can also request a voucher through the gun to move them to another school.

For one school year, the fund will give up to $6,700, but the average private school tuition costs a little over $8,000.

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Reporting by Gabriela Milian