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New Law Helps Cape Coral Gas Skimmer Concerns

Earlier this year, the City of Cape Coral made it a requirement for all gas stations to have locking devices on each pump to protect customers from skimmers.

Has it worked? We asked gas stations.

“Oh yeah, certainly,” Mario Perez, a cashier at Chevron, said. “We haven’t had any problems so far.”

Gas stations use stickers, nightly check-ups and security to keep the skimmers out.

“We go through a checklist everyday,” Berez said. “We go back everyday to double check and see to double check that there’s no scanners on the pumps.”

We reached out to the Cape Coral Police Department to ask if the number of gas skimmers they’ve seen has gone down since lock devices were installed, but they did not respond before we published this story.

To stay safe, double check the pump and card reader. If you can, pay with cash inside.

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