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New Florida Law Could Help Those Arrested With Dropped Charges

Imagine you get arrested, your mugshot makes its way to the Internet, and charges were dropped. Yikes.

Your mugshot could end up on websites like, Reputation Finder, or other sites. You could ask them to take your photo down — but it could come at a price. The price tag? Sometimes around $400.

Well, under a new Florida law that began July 1, these sites can no longer charge you.

House Bill 1065 says a person can request the removal of their arrest booking photo from a website or anywhere else where it can be publicly accessible if they were charged but not convicted.

If they didn’t do it, then there should definitely be avenues to get that picture taken down and wipe their hands clean of a situation they shouldn’t have been in to begin with,” Attorney Lance Dunford said.

However, for a lot of private companies who do currently charge, this could disrupt their business model.

“Many of these websites were established to humiliate people,” Kelly McBride with the Poynter Institute said. “Public record should not be used against the citizens that those records exist for.”

However, a simple Google search for someone could still pop up, so only time will tell if this new law will make a difference.

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Reporting by Terrace Myles