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New App Will Help Lee County Parents Track Child's Bus

Starting this fall, keeping track of your kids while they are en route to school will get much easier.

“If your child’s on the bus – and you’re wondering, okay, where is it? You can use this app,” Rob Spicker with the Lee County School District said.

“It’s very convenient because it allows us to wait until the very last minute almost to get here,” one parent chimed in.

This will impact 78 schools within the Lee County School District. But for now, parents one kids at Heights Elementary are the first to test it out.

“Just by putting in the information with your student’s number, the bus number they take, it’ll track that bus, and you’ll know when it’s 2 miles, a mile, half a mile, right down the street from your stop, and you can walk out and time your child’s pickup almost perfectly,” Spicker said.

Not everyone can see where your child’s bus is. Parents will only be able to see their own child’s bus. School staff will also have access.

“We can search the bus table up here if we need to,” Karen Wood, Assistant Principal of Heights Elementary, said. “Or we can search an individual student for the buses.”

App users will have the chance to give feedback through a survey once the school year ends.

“My kids go to school at Heights – which is one direction, I work the opposite direction,” one parent said. “So it really has been nice.”

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Additional reporting by Charlie Edward