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Naples City Manager Applicant Declines Job, No Affordable Housing

1:36 PM, Sep 21, 2018


Rebecca Fath, Michael Adam Mora

Naples is a beautiful and expensive place to live.

So expensive, in fact, that recently, the woman who was offered the Naples City Manager position, Joyce Shanahan, turned it down due to the cost of living.

Is Naples Affordable to Live in?

Shanahan, who is the current city manager of Ormond Beach City, was reportedly offered over $200,000.

As a requirement for the city manager position, the person must live within the city she serves. Linda Penniman, who is a city council member in Naples, cited a statistic from Florida Gulf Coast University that stated the average price of a home in Collier County is $425,000. "You could probably come close to doubling that within the city limits of Naples," Penniman said.

Naples city officials are making efforts to address the affordable housing problem . Penniman said investors are there, some as far away as Indianapolis, who are interested in building affordable and higher-end housing.

One of the main concerns for investors is the timetable to build these new properties.

“We added a fast-tracking permitting procedure for landowners or developers who wanted to create an affordable housing development," Andy Solis said, who is the commission chairman in Collier County. "Time is money for landowners and developers.”

Naples officials see potential in adopting an affordable housing trust fund. But, there doesn't appear to be a sense of urgency in supplying these affordable housing options.

“If there are developments that are within the permitting process already," Penniman said, "I would be hopeful that within a year you would start seeing some of these coming along."