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Naked Man in Florida Has Us Thinking: Is It Legal to Be Nude in Your Yard?

1:03 PM, Sep 24, 2018


Gabriel Castaneda

A man in a Stuart neighborhood is making a name for himself. Fully nude, he completes daily chores in his front yard.

Technically, it's legal!

According to Florida Statute Section 800.03, it is prohibited to display or expose one's sexual organs in a public place or while in public view. The prosecutor will also has to prove the defendant's lascivious, lewd, or indecent intent.

Naked Man in Florida Has Us Thinking: Is It Legal to Be Nude in Your Yard?

“A parallel example if somebody was on their property naked but had an erection and was touching themselves," Lance Dunford said, an attorney at the Law Office of Scott T. Moorey. "Then you’re doing something in a lustful or wicked way which would meet the criteria in what they are looking for indecent exposure."

Multiple neighbors have complained to the Martin County Sheriff's Office about his yard work nudity.

“Everyone says that’s just crazy, ya know, it is,” Charlie Estes said, a neighbor of the nude man.

Because of the complaints and the proximity of the nude neighbor to a school bus stop, the sheriff's office says there's enough evidence to charge the man.

“Two different statutes have been met with that behavior; one being lewd and lascivious behavior, the other being a breach of the peace,” Martin County Sheriff William Synder said.

If charged, it's a first-degree misdemeanor in which a person can be sentenced up to a year in jail, fined a thousand dollars, or both.

It's a different story if you are in your backyard. As long as no one can see you, you are free to be nude.