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Motivating the Disabled

At times, adults with disabilities require a little extra help to help them in their everyday life.

In Southwest Florida, two organizations are helping adults with disabilities build the skills they need to become more independent at work and at play.

Martha Hannigan is the executive director for the Sew Pretty MS Center.

Martha was diagnosed with Multiple Scoliosis in 1991. Nearly 30 years later – Martha made it her mission to help disabled people from all walks of life.

Martha recently paired up with the Lighthouse Group Beacon of Hope.

“We do job training, we do interviews training, resume preparations,” said Elizabeth, who works for Lighthouse Group.

“We also we offer sign language, reading, writing, and math. We do the basics of education,” Elizabeth continued.

While Beacon of Hope handles work life and education, Sew Pretty encourages adults to tap into their creative side.

“We find ways to do things that people won’t necessarily recognize as a disable situation,” said Martha.

Both Sew Pretty and Beacon are doing the best that they can to keep people in the disabilities community motivated.

“Don’t give up no matter how you may feel. If you feel like you can’t do it. We are here to help you so you can do it. So you can say I can learn how to read. I can learn how to do math or use the computer or one day say yes I will be able to function in the community.”

Additional reporting by Tianna Jenkins