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“If this was done by humans, maybe they think a canal is the most discreet/efficient way to get rid of a carcass? Impossible to say without being able to speak to who did it (if it’s not an animal),” said Corporal Philip Mullen with the Cape Coral Police Department.

As far as whether it was done by a human or animal, Mullen said it was impossible to say for sure.

“We have gators and predators that could’ve, but we also have seen religious sacrifice which is protected by law,” he said.

We did some research to find out how typical an incident like this might be. There are several religions that practice or have practiced animal sacrifice.

Traditional healing in Santeria, for instance, is achieved through rituals that include animal sacrifice. That’s according to ‘Santeria Healing: A Journey Into The Afro-Cuban World Of Divinities’.

In 2013, the Huffington Post reported a headless goat and chickens found floating off South Beach after possible Santeria use.

Other religions that practice or used to practice animal sacrifice include Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, and Islam.

“If a person did this and it was protected under religious freedom, the only violation would be the illegal dumping of the carcass,” he explained.