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Mark Your Calendars! New Tax Holidays Have Been Approved

One of the many bills to pass in the state congress this year’s new tax bill. The new bill includes a bunch of things but more importantly, it introduces new tax holidays for hurricane preparedness supplies and keeps the new Florida tradition of a tax holiday for school supplies.

This year’s school supplies tax holiday applies to clothing, computers, shoes, backpacks, and general school supplies. Computers are tax-free up to $1,000.

The school tax holiday starts on August 3rd and goes to August 12th.

The new addition of the hurricane supplies applies to flashlights, batteries, radios, generators, and reusable ice. Like computers, generators are tax-free up to $750.

There are three hurricane tax holidays planned: May 4th –May 10th, June 1st – June 7th, July 6th – July 12th.

Mark them down on your calendars for all the savings.