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Mango Season: Be Careful Where You Pick Fruit

Mango thieves. It’s a thing.

It’s mango season! They’re practically in every yard. Just talk to Jim Zuk whose yard is flooded with the fruit.

“And there’s still many of them now,” Zuk said. “We just picked them up a couple of days ago.”

He said he’s actually more annoyed having to pick them up, than with potential mango thieves stealing them.

They’ve been dropping like crazy we have probably a hundred on the ground,” Zuk said. “There’s probably 400 in the tree, so if people want them they can take them, there’s enough to go around.”

Even though Jim doesn’t mind, some SWFL people do — and it’s possible to get charged for taking fruit. You could even face a burglary charge.

“Some people may think it sounds silly, but it’s still not you’re property, so if you enter a property to commit a crime on that private property, that’s burglary, that’s the definition of burglary in Florida,” Cpl. Phil Mullen with Cape Coral Police said.

Reporting by Terrace Myles