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Looking to Stay Safe, Warm and in Shape Pho Real?

While some stores call the police after a store theft, Family Hardware of Cape Coral shames the thieves on social media . Two men have been visiting the store and swiped $200 worth of tools! So, the owner has posted the surveillance video and photos of the two thieves and has asked the public to identify and shame them. If you see these suspects call the Cape Coral PD, LCSO, or the store itself. Would you ever #DeleteFacebook? This trend makes us sad because we exist on Facebook and want to continue delivering our news to you. So, we are going to show you a way to stop apps from accessing your information on Facebook. Watch the full video for step-by-step instructions on how to protect your info from third-party apps! SWFL is now home to a new kind of bicycle – the electric bike! The first electric bike shop has opened in Fort Myers and locals are quickly catching on. Not sure if you’d be into it? Visit the store and take one for a spin (for free!) Nothing warms your heart and spirits quite like pho. I’m talking about Vietnamese Noodle Soup . This dish is becoming increasingly popular across the US and has made its way to SWFL. Pho’s meaty, carb-filled deliciousness could (should) be your next meal!