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Lock It Up! Unlocked Cars Being Stolen in Fort Myers

Check your cars!

So far in 2018, 57 percent of vehicles stolen were unlocked, of those vehicles 36 percent had keys inside, based on current statistics from the Fort Myers Police Department.

That number hasn’t changed much from 2017 — when 56 percent of vehicles burglarized were unlocked.

And that’s not even counting the incidents that aren’t reported.

“It’s an ongoing issue,” Mitchell Haley with the Fort Myers Police said. “It’s a constant battle. The crime rates within the city of Fort Myers could easily be cut in half if people just locked their cars.”

So before you head inside, even if it’s just for a few minutes, make sure to lock your cars and don’t leave the keys inside.

“They’re not going to start locking their cars and it will keep happening if the public lets it happen,” Haley said.

Number of stolen vehicles in 2018:

  • January – 34
  • February – 18
  • March – 14
  • April – 20
  • May – 22

And those numbers are up month to month from every month the prior year.

Number of stolen vehicles in 2017:

  • January – 18
  • February – 15
  • March – 10
  • April – 20
  • May – 21

Additional reporting by Tianna Jenkins