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Local Parents Discuss Options For Taking Care of Sick Kids While Working

What Can You Do If Both Parents Are Working?
3:34 PM, Oct 31, 2018


Chloe Nordquist, Olivia Frain

More than 60 percent of families with kids have a “both parents working” household.

So what are your options when your kids get sick?

Local Parents Discuss Options For Taking Care of Sick Kids While Working

In most cases, parents find themselves alternating taking time off to care for their sick child.

“Whoever stands to lose the least from not going to work, like pay, hours, bonus, possibly getting fired, has to stay home and the other has to go in, obviously. Jobs don’t care who is sick, they want you in no matter what,” Jenelle Perris said on a Facebook post in a group for moms.

“I always stay home. If the hubby misses work we’ll feel it come payday,” Anna Sotelo said in another Facebook comment.

While some parents are afraid they will lose a few days from their paychecks, some are afraid that they might lose their jobs.

“It’s bad enough to be concerned about the wages but to be concerned that you might lose your job, that’s just something we should not have to fear in the United States,” Jennifer Gossett Ayotte, a working mother of one, said.

Another option is to have a backup plan - other family members, friends, or a babysitter.

Others might resort to taking the kid to work with them. When everything else fails, there are companies out there like that can take care of sick kids.

One thing most parents agree on? By no means should any sick kid go to daycare or school.

“If it’s a fever, or the child has diarrhea or vomiting then they should definitely stay home for at least 24 hours until they are free of those symptoms,” Melanie Reimer, a childcare provider and mom of one, said.

Some moms took to the Facebook comments to express that something should be done as a nation to help accommodate working parents when their kids get sick.

“This is an issue where the government would have to step in and put amendments in place for workers to have certain guaranteed rights,” Ayotte said.


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