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Local Organizations Work Together to Provide Thanksgiving Turkeys for Families

2:38 PM, Nov 20, 2018


Chloe Nordquist

It’s the week of giving, and organizations across Southwest Florida are working hard to make sure everyone has a Thanksgiving dinner on the table Thursday night.

“In these times they just don’t have the resources to go out and buy a 22-pound turkey,” Cynthia Billingham said. Billingham was at We Care Outreach Tuesday helping with donation collections.

Local Organizations Work Together to Provide Thanksgiving Turkeys for Families

Giving isn’t just a seasonal activity for We Care Outreach.

“They do it all year round,” Billingham said. “This is just a day that there happens to be turkeys going out.”

We Care is one of 150 agencies that work with the Harry Chapin Food Bank to give out food to those who need it all year long. This time of year? It’s all about the turkeys.

“And everything that goes with it,” Billingham said. “Mashed potatoes, and everything.”

“I’ve been here five years in Florida and did some charity work in Ohio, and felt guilty that I hadn’t done anything,” Ed Brill said. “So we saw on TV that they needed turkeys and so we brought some.”

On Tuesday, Ed walked in and donated 20 turkeys to the food bank for families in need. “Well it’s a lot but not enough,” Brill said.

This year the food bank has collected more than 2,400 turkeys for Thanksgiving. That’s 2,400 holiday dinners. They will be accepting turkey donations until tomorrow.

“We Care Outreach Ministries does something of everything,” Billingham said. “It makes you feel like somebody actually notices and cares.”

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