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Local Elections Offices Begin Ballot Recounts

5:47 PM, Nov 12, 2018


Olivia Frain

Focused faces, papers shuffling, machines buzzing.

Those were the sights and sounds today in the operations building of the Collier County Elections Office. Staff and volunteers gathered to begin recounting ballots. 300,000 of them.

Local Elections Offices Begin Ballot Recounts

Three of Florida's biggest races - governor, senator, and agricultural commissioner - were too close to call on election night. Now each county across the state has to recount every single one of its ballots. We went to the public recount in Collier County to see how it's done. The process began with a Logic and Accuracy test of the voting machines.

“We publicly tested the tabulation equipment that is being used," said Jennifer Edwards, Collier County Supervisor of Elections.

Now staff and volunteers have to scan each ballot that came in. They have until Thursday to submit those results to the state's Division of Elections.

“They will review those results," Edwards said, "and let us know if there is a required manual recount of any of those three races.”

A manual recount would happen if the difference in the amount of totals votes cast falls below a threshold of 0.25%.

In addition to the statewide recounts, Collier County has a local judge race that needs to be counted again.

All counties' recount processes are open to the public.