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Living in the Blue Zone

If we told you there’s a way to live longer, would you give it a try?

Well, the Blue Zone Project in Southwest Florida says it wants to help you live longer, by living healthier.

The project was started by a National Geographic Fellow, Dan Buettner. He discovered and named the first five “Blue Zones” across the globe.

  • Okinawa, Japan
  • Sardinia, Italy
  • Nicoya, Costa Rica
  • Ikaria, Greece, and
  • Loma Linda, California

Turns out, SWFL wants to be a Blue Zone too, and more than 100 organizations already took a pledge to provide their community with healthier choices.

“Just choosing healthier lunch choices instead of burgers and French fries. A healthy lifestyle is even interacting with their peers, socializing and communicating, building relationships and friendships,” STARability Program Director Madison McNally said.

Worksites, schools, restaurants and more are all working toward educating and empowering their community to pursue healthier lifestyles.

The Blue Zone Project believes when an entire community participates, small changes lead to big benefits like lower healthcare costs, improved productivity and a higher quality of life.

Reporting by Jalyn Henderson