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Lion Knows Best: Boss Baby

Riddled with adult humor, Boss Baby falls short for Lion and Hello SWFL’s multimedia journalist, Chris.

Dreamworks Animation’s latest film Boss Baby is seen from the perspective of a wildly imaginative 7-year-old, Tim, who meets the newest addition to his home.

The film explores Tim’s fears of getting a younger brother and addresses his worry of getting less attention from his family.

While the film received a PG rating, Lion and Chris address some points that parents may want to keep in mind.


Though some of the scenes include things like bouncing babies, Boss Baby’s violence was very animated and clean. Lacking blood and gore, Boss Baby follows the theme of a child’s hyperbolized perspective. So there’s no alarm there for parents.


Though violence gets a pass, Boss Baby continually played with the line of child and adult humor throughout the movie. In some scenes, Tim and his brother head to Las Vegas and get invited to a party while drinking Long Island Ice Teas. It may glaze over the mind of young ones, but its’s good to keep in mind.

Even with subtle adult humor, Chris lets parents know that Boss Baby still fell flat.

When you strip the film down to its bare bones, it’s a suited talking baby with the voice of Alec Baldwin.

To hear more about Chris and Lion’s review on Boss Baby check out the video below and let us know what you thought of it!