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Let's Help This Florida Born Man Find His Sister

(The search) has gotten so large and we’ve exhausted every avenue we know. It’s hard not to have the thoughts that maybe she’s dead or maybe she doesn’t want to be found,” said David Jones of the search for his biological sister.

Imagine speaking to your biological father for the first time – how awkward that could be.

“You’ve got everything to say, but you also don’t know what to say,” said David Jones.

In that awkwardness, David’s father told him he also has a sister out there somewhere. David lives in Arkansas today. But he was born in the Tampa area.

Now he’s got the whole country helping him search for the sister he’s been looking for for years.

“It’s gotten so large, and we’ve exhausted every avenue we know, it’s hard not to have the thoughts that maybe she’s dead or maybe she doesn’t want to be found. Maybe she doesn’t know she’s adopted. Or who knows what else. Those are the depressing thoughts. From the bottom of the barrel, it starts coming up,” said David.

Those are the negative thoughts. But David is much more quick to remember the positive. He says strangers he’s never met are trying to help.

His social media post got tens of thousands of shares from people trying to help. And though it hasn’t led to anything just yet, Bob continues to exhaust every avenue he can.

“Just knowing that there’s someone that’s 100% my flesh and blood out there,” he said, “I want to see what she looks like, how she speaks, how she carries herself, what traits she got from my mom and dad,” David said.

The mystery is eating him up. The search has gotten under his skin. But David hopes eventually he’ll get to have that awkward first conversation with a sister who might not even know she has a brother.

“At this point, with this going, getting as big as it was, it’s probably about 75,000 shares all over the globe, which in and of itself is just amazing. Amanda and I just feel so blessed and loved with the outpouring of support from complete strangers.”

You can be one of those strangers offering help. You can share David’s post on social media or email him at this address – – with any leads or information.