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Lengthy Voting Lines Not Expected By Lee County Despite Long Ballot

It has been widely reported that long lines are expected for this year’s election.

“We didn’t say we were expecting long lines; we’re expecting a lengthy ballot,” reacted Tommy Doyle, the elections supervisor of Lee County.

The ballot is long for a few reasons.

“We have a half cent sales tax for the school board request to go on the ballot. There’s a process called citizen intuitive, there’s two of those. Of course, every 20 years the constitution revision commission meets, they put eight. Plus the races. Plus the local referendums,” he said.

The ballot’s length is about the same length as the 2012 presidential ballot. A ballot so long people were still waiting in line to vote for president when Obama was announced to have won re-election.

But Doyle says this is going to be different.

“We have eight sites and ten days of early voting. Plenty of time to vote,” said Doyle.

If you still can’t make those days, Doyle suggests voting at home.

“Vote at home and put it in the mail and we’ll pay the postage back. This will eliminate any long lines.”

You can request to vote by mail from now till seven days before the election. If you still want to vote the old school way, lines may not be as long as you might think because of another important reason.

“Historically a gubernatorial election year midterm election year, the turnout is a lot less than a presidential year. But we are expecting a 50 percent turn out,” said Doyle.

You can request a mail ballot on the supervisor of elections website, in person, write a letter, or you can call.