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Lehigh Acres Debating Limestone Mining

Lee County is in the middle of deciding whether they will allow Troyer Brothers Florida Inc. to start mining for limestone in Lehigh Acres.

Some residents are not a fan.

“The dust the noise the traffic, blasting, water concerns,” Randy Johnson said who lives in Lehigh Acres, “It’s kind of like having a bowling alley next to a recording studio.”

Residents are concerned that it will disturb the peaceful neighborhood along with adding traffic because construction will be along State Road 82.

But Troy Brothers said there is opportunity with this project.

“The proposed mine will create jobs and provide a local, cost-effective resource of high-quality limestone,” the company said on their website.

Public hearings will be set at 1500 Monroe Street in Fort Myers for the rest of the week, and a decision still has not been made.

Reporting by Gabriela Milian or Terrace Myles