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Lee County Students Helping the Homeless by Giving Out Socks

4:45 PM, Oct 23, 2018


Gabriel Castaneda

Clean dry socks are everyday essentials that a lot of homeless people don't have. That's why students all over Lee County have one common goal: collect 2,000 pairs of socks for the homeless.

All socks are collected, bundled and even distributed by students in Lee County. This is part of the Kindness Project started by Professor Bill O'Dell and his wife.

Lee County Students Helping the Homeless

“We put together basically essential items for the homeless," said Professor O'Dell. "That would just simply make them more comfortable in their everyday lives.”

Also participating in the program is Three Oaks Elementary School. They started a sock drive last month. In total the students there sent the Lee County Homeless Coalition 2,000 pairs of socks.

Now with the help of Florida Gulf Coast University students, Professor O'Dell and his wife are folding the socks to give out. Some students are volunteering to help the homeless as a part of their service learning class.

Professor O'Dell said that having clean dry socks is a necessity for everyone. Since the homeless don't have many clothing options like socks they can get sores, blisters, and infections from staying in wet socks.

“When they get dirty or caked with mud," said Professor O'Dell, "they at least will have a pair of socks that may be dry that they can put on their feet.”

The socks will be given to the homeless during something called the Point-in-Time count. Any homeless person who attends will not only receive a bag, but they will also find out the resources they have in the area that can help them.

Whether it's being directed to shelters, food programs or other ways to get these essential items, they will learn this information at the count.

Also, the objective of this is to try to count and register the homeless population in Lee County. Once people are counted and registered, federal government grants are given out based on the number of homeless in each community. So if they don't get counted then it becomes more difficult to help them efficiently.

To learn how you can help you can visit the Lee County Homeless Coalition website .


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