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Lee County Sheriff's Office and Arrest Warrants

We followed up with Lee County Sheriff’s office on how they deal with warrants

A couple of weeks back we did a story about Collin Martin. Martin was responsible for a carjacking at a PDQ restaurant and the armed robbery at a 7-eleven. We were surprised to find out Martin had seven outstanding warrants and was not in jail.

That started a conversation in our office about warrants, and we asked the Lee County Sheriff’s Office to find out how this system works.

Crime Stoppers Coordinator, Trish Routte, explained to us that everyday deputies are given a list of new warrants. Whenever deputies have a chance, they go and serve these warrants.

We asked Trish Routte why is someone who has several warrants, not in jail?

She told us that it is law enforcement’s job is to go out and serve that warrant once one is issued. Once deputies put them in jail, it is not law enforcement’s responsibility for what happens after they are jailed, “That’s the call of the judge. The state attorney’s office. Defense lawyers. It’s up to them how long they want to hold them in jail if they want to hold them in jail at all. They can also release them on their recognizance which happens often.”

You can also help law enforcement Trish Routte tells us that if you know of someone who has a warrant, whether it is a felony warrant or a misdemeanor warrant to let law enforcement know, “you need to call and let us know. Whether you call crime stoppers where you’re completely anonymous. Nothing can ever come back to you, and you get a cash reward, or you call the sheriff’s office. Call 911″

Remember any tip you have could be that one piece of information the police needs to be able to take criminals off the street.