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Lee County Schools Show Low Participation in National School Walkout After Warning

This morning at 10 a.m. every student and teacher across the country were invited to participate in walking out of school for 17 minutes to protest and honor the 17 killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High last month.

Here at HelloSWFL, we checked out five schools — Cypress Lake High, Estero High, South Fort Myers High, Lehigh Senior High, and Cape Coral High.

Despite the hype, things were pretty quiet from what we saw.

After the Lee County School Districts warning yesterday — participate and face disciplinary action — it’s to no surprise a lot of campuses seemed inactive.

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Estero High, Cape Coral High, and Lehigh Senior High were all quiet — from the outside anyways.

However, students at Cypress Lake chose to take action — an estimated 100 of the 1,500 or so students gathered outside — drawing in silence for 17 minutes.

And while things were quiet at South Fort Myers High at 10 a.m., Snapchat showed a different story — many gathered earlier this morning to hold their own vigil.