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Lee County School District to Hire Coordinator for SROs

Lee County School District has been asking for help to pay for School Resource Officers.

Now, it’s trying to add three positions to oversee those SRO’s and the district plans to pay for them.

The School District Security Manager’s salary starts off around $42,000 but can change depending on the qualifications of the person. The manager would also develop emergency response procedures, audit school site safety and conduct safety drills.

“We want to hire three security zone managers, and this gives us a more intermediate level of protection,” Director of Security and Safety, Rick Parfitt said.

However, the district is still looking for money to pay for the SRO’s mandated by the state.
So, how can the district afford these new positions, if they can’t even afford the people they would be supervising?

“The division has eliminated several positions in other areas, it may be transportation, it might be maintenance. They’ve eliminated positions in those areas to help fund these security division managers,” Rick said.

The official vote will be made at the School Board meeting tonight.

Additional reporting by Jalyn Henderson