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Lee County School District Selling Nine Vacant Properties

The Lee County School District is selling nine properties it currently owns. It seeks to allocate the money from the sale of these properties to purchase land that is more feasible to place a new school, taking into account factors such as the ease in providing transportation for future students.

The properties range in size and span. What is consistent among the properties is that the school district claims they have not been touched for over 10 years.

The nine properties for sale are approximately 265 acres. In total, the 27 properties encompass 881 acres. These listed properties range from Bonita Springs to Alva to Lehigh Acres.

At one end of the price spectrum, residential waterfront property in Cape Coral that the school district is selling is listed for $35,000. On the other end, some 47 acres along Littleton Road in North Fort Myers will be priced at $5 million.

Twenty-four of the 27 properties were acquired in the mid-2000s. Most will be sold at a price that is less than what the properties were sold when originally purchased.

These are the following properties for sale or trade:

  • At 1402 NE 1st Place Cape Coral, FL 33909 there is .23 acres;
  • At 1200 Homestead Rd Lehigh Acres, FL 33936 there is 1 acre;
  • At 14701 Six Mile Cypress Parkway Fort Myers, FL 33912 there is 11 acres;
  • At 13401 Palomino Ln. Fort Myers, FL 33912 there is 19 acres;
  • At 12961 Tower Rd. Bonita Springs, FL 34135 there is 20 acres;
  • At Joel and Tuckahoe Alva, FL 33920 there is 35 acres;
  • At 5451 Tice St. Fort Myers, FL 33905 there is 40 acres;
  • At 9650 Littleton Rd. North Fort Myers, FL 33903 there is 47 acres; and
  • At 20791 Three Oaks Pkwy, Estero, FL 33928 there is 71 acres.

The hope is to get rid of these properties because of accessibility issues.

The district seeks other properties of equal value. Ideally, these land acquisitions will be in places where student populations have been consistently growing over the last couple of years. Beyond transportation, the school district in Lee County is taking into account the safety, walkability and site development costs when it makes its final decision.

The district has developed over 2,100 acres in Lee County as school sites and other sites.

Hear the full presentation at the Aug. 29 school board meeting here .

This story is developing. We will have more information by the end of the day, Sept. 4.