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Lee County School District Sales Tax Increase

With about 1,800 new students each year, the Lee County School District is in need of more schools. More schools mean more money.

Its solution?

Increase the sale tax from 6% to 6.5%. The District is pushing for a special election to be held to vote on the matter. The election will cost over $800,000.

It insists that capital expenditure will be a small investment if it can get the extra $58 million a year to fund the schools.

The reasoning behind increasing sales tax instead of, say property tax? You can also tax the tourists, which contribute about 30% of our sales taxes.

The School District plans to meet Jan. 23 at 6 p.m. to discuss the referendum for the half-cent sales tax. If it votes yes, come May 15 (the proposed date of the special election) it will be up to us the voters to make the final decision.