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Lee County School Board Boosts Superintendent’s Salary

The School District of Lee County gave its superintendent, Dr. Gregory Adkins, a 13 percent raise and extended his contract for another three years.

Dr. Adkins’ boost in salary will go from $185,000 to $209,000 a year.

Dr. Adkins has worked in the school district for 29 years.

His career started off as a science teacher and his journey led him through several educational paths, including;

  • Assistant principal
  • Principal
  • Chief Human Resources Officer for the District
  • Chief Operations Officer for the District

By 2015 he took on the role of superintendent.

Over the last three years as superintendent, Dr. Adkins celebrated several accolades.

  • Second highest gains in district history in student achievement
  • Students improved in Math, Science, Language Arts and Reading
  • The number of schools in Differentiated Accountability – those in need of intervention – have gone from 23 DA schools down to five
  • In 2017, the county had the highest graduation rate, which jumped from 78.7% to 88.7%.

In addition, Dr. Adkins made sure that Lee County schools were accessible for shelter during Hurricane Irma. Lee County schools provided shelter to 24,000 people who were displaced by the storm.

Despite all of his achievements, not everyone is on board with Dr. Adkins’ increase in pay.

When we asked our HelloSWFL audience their opinions about the superintendent’s big bump in pay, the comments rolled in.

Do you think Dr. Adkins deserves a $24,000 increase in his paycheck?

Most people were generally concerned about teachers salaries and wondered if they were getting a raise as well.

Lee County school teachers received a 3% raise but many argue that is not enough.

Dr. Adkins’ new salary will kick in on July 1, 2018.

By Allyssa Dickert and Gabriela Milian