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Lee County Moving Forward With Plans to Cleanup The Blue-Green Algae

After weeks of smelly algae build-up plaguing our waterways, there’s a plan to start getting rid of it. Lee County has hired an engineering company for an experimental job.

The company is AECOM. It says it specializes in environmental cleanup, but this is going to be a huge pilot program. AECOM has a device it calls a harvester. The harvester vacuums the algae out of the water.

If this experiment works and AECOM can suction the algae out of the water, crews will ship it to the North Lee County reverse osmosis plant in Lee County. That plant will separate the water from the algae and clean the water repeatedly of any minerals. Then the algae will get dumped in a landfill and after all of the purification, the water will go into area wells.

Lee County is going to use $700,000 it received from the Florida Harmful Algal Bloom Management Grant Program to clean up areas affected by the algae.