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Lee County Homeowners Can Still File For Hurricane Irma Tax Breaks

If your Lee County home was damaged by Hurricane Irma, you can still get a tax break.

Anyone who has property damage from last September but didn’t have the damage fixed by January 1 of this year can have their property value adjusted.

The Lee County Property Appraiser published a letter last week to those who might be eligible for the tax break.

Taxpayers and home owners should review the Notice of Proposed Property Taxes that will be sent out.

“We just want the public to contact us, if it hasn’t been fixed by January 1, and we will work with them to secure the data to prove that damage was still there January 1,”  Ken Wilkinson with the County Appraiser’s Office said.

“Proving the damage” means sending in documentation of insurance claims or pictures of damage — especially if the damage is inside your home.

So if your home was flooded, make sure to contact the Appraiser’s Office.

“There’s been a lot of damage due to flooding,” Wilkinson said. “We can’t see that damage — because you can’t get it from the aerials or even driving by the property.”

Lee County previously worked with the Florida Legislature to pass tax relief for certain property owners that were displaced for more than 30 days during some of the previous storms. The relief will be in the form of a tax rebate.

Anyone with questions can reach out to the county at or 239-533-6125.

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