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Lee County Encourages Families to Enroll into Special Needs Program

With hurricane season in full swing, now is the time to make sure you’re prepared for a big storm. But people with disabilities or special needs will have to take one more step.

Lee County is encouraging families to register for the Special Needs Program in advance.

The Special Needs Program provides shelter and transportation services to people with disabilities and special needs during a tropical storm.

However, it’s essential to register with the program before a storm gets too close to home.

“When we fall into the five-day cone we stop processing applications until that particular event is over, so you want to apply early enough, so you know where you will be going,” said Debbie Quimby, Lee County Special Needs Program Specialist.

“We created a working group after Hurricane Irma with all the different partners to identify the gaps that each of us encountered and worked on ways to streamline the process.”

Applications can be completed online at .

Additional reporting by Allyssa Dickert