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Landlord Beware

Looking to rent your home in Fort Myers Beach? You now have to register your home and pay the City a fee.

Home Owners who want to rent their property will now have to register with the City of Fort Myers Beach and pay a fee.

Imagine having to pay extra money for something that you already own.

Sound wrong? Here’s the story.

Fort Myers beach is moving ahead with a plan to make people who rent their properties pay an additional fee to the city. The council passed that plan today in a 3-2 vote.

Here’s how it works: If you own a house, an apartment or a condo and you decide to rent that property short term— you will have to register the property and pay the city a fee.

Basically, you’re now being treated like any other business.

“I’m against it because it’s taking away of peoples’ properties rights. It’s another layer of government that we don’t need.”, Amy Lefebvre-Loughrey Owner of Distinctive Beach Rentals INC.

While some say that this will affect the city in a negative way others think that this is a good way to control some of the people renting these properties.

“We have renters on both sides of our house. One’s an annual runner and you wouldn’t know they were there. They’re nice people. They’re quiet. The house next-door every Saturday is a change over with new people coming in and naturally when they get here, they want to party that last into the night and into seven days and then the next group comes in with the same thing and it gets to be overwhelming. That’s not what it was when we moved here and we just want to control it.” David Ennis resident of Fort Myers.

How much is it going to cost you for Fort Myers Beach to regulate short-term rentals?

The city doesn’t know yet. And there’s no word on what the city will make from charging property owners who want to rent.