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Laborers Still Feeling the Effects of Hurricane Irma a Year Later

2:56 PM, Sep 05, 2018

Workers at Mobley Plant World in LaBelle, Florida, are still feeling the effects of Hurricane Irma a year later. While the company is still recuperating, workers worry that if another hurricane hits, it will become significantly worse.

Seventeen greenhouses were destroyed by Hurricane Irma. If you look around among the vast greenery and the structure that protects it, you will see vast stakes of old railing in the fields.

When workers return to work following Hurricane Irma, they were surprised at all the destruction the natural disaster caused.

“I didn’t imagine it was going to cause so much destruction,” Daisy Juarez said, who works as a seeding specialist at the farm. “I saw so much destruction when I came back to work. I didn’t think the job was going to continue.”

Hurricane Irma caused Mobley Plant World $2 million in damages. The workers constantly reflect beyond themselves. They worry about the damages Hurricane Irma has on their families, especially young children.

“You’re earning less money,” Martha Coria said, who does inventory at Mobley Plant World. “Before you used to get more hours before and now you’re not. How the economy is right now it’s less. If you make then there’s less money.”

For now the farm is playing catch up with a minimal staff hoping and praying that another hurricane won’t kill the optimism they have for the future.

Martha knows that it’ll take time to build everything up again. “If something like that doesn’t happen again then everything will be ok,” Martha said. “But if another hurricane like Irma hits, then things will get worse.”