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Killer Grandma Lois Riess Coming Back to Florida to Face Charges

The suspected double murderer will face charges in Florida.

Lois Riess is heading back to Florida….this time in handcuffs.

She was arrested last week in South Padre Island, Texas after a nationwide manhunt.

Now, people from her past are speaking up.

Inside Edition spoke to a couple vacationing in Fort Myers Beach. Tess and Rod Koster knew Lois and her husband David from Minnesota.

Lois briefly appeared in their driveaway only days before she killed 59-year-old Pamela Hutchinson. Tess says Lois stopped by, said “wrong house” and then drove off.

Just like Pamela, Tess Koster looked similar to Riess.

Tess shared with Inside Edition, “Maybe she wanted to steal my identity.”

Lois will be tried here in Florida on multiple charges and then sent to Minnesota to face other charges.

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